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Anti Theft Backpack Review

Anti Theft Backpack is a sleek and safe travel backpack with plenty of extra features to prevent casual pickpocketing. It’s a great choice for anyone who plans to carry valuable electronics or other expensive items on the road.


A few key features of an anti-theft backpack include secret compartments, slash-resistant fabric, and a lockable feature. Some of them even have a built-in security cable to secure the bag to stationary objects when not in use.

The X-Pac eXomesh features an underlying layer of stainless steel wire mesh beneath the bag’s fabric, which essentially makes it impossible for thieves to cut through the material. The bag’s straps are also reinforced with metal wire and padded to protect against slashing attacks. The patented locking system is also a great feature, as it prevents thieves from simply walking away with your backpack. This is particularly useful if you’re on a train or in a hostel, and will give you peace of mind that your backpack will remain with you.

This is one of the more sophisticated theft resistant backpacks in our top picks, but its high price tag reflects that. With that said, it’s packed with anti-theft technology and is still a very reasonable choice for those looking to keep their belongings safe on the road. The padded internal sleeve will fit a laptop up to 15”, and there are plenty of zippered and slip pockets for extra storage.

There’s also a built-in lashguard and lockable zip tabs to help reduce the chance of “cut and run” thefts. You can also use the included steel cable to secure the backpack to fixed objects, which is a nice feature if you’re on a public bus or train. Lastly, the pack’s RFID blocking pocket helps prevent unauthorized scanning of credit cards and passports.

Pacsafe is another popular manufacturer of anti-theft backpacks, and their Metrosafe X is a very affordable option that has some very good theft-prevention features. It has a padded internal sleeve that will fit a 15” laptop, and there are plenty of other handy pockets for your wallet and passport. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable, and the anti-theft locking slider is an excellent feature to help deter pickpockets.

If you want a more budget-friendly option for an anti-theft backpack, then consider the Kopack, which is available in several different colors and styles. It has the same anti-theft security features as the other bags on this list, including a lockable zipper, slashguard strap reinforcement with Dyneema, and a Carrysafe shoulder strap wrap that will stop thieves from cutting into your backpack’s shoulder straps. The bag has a generous amount of space and is easy to carry, so it’s ideal for those looking for a reliable and safe backpack for travel.

Slashguard Strap Reinforcement with Dyneema

This backpack offers a good combination of comfort and security features. It features a large main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve and lockable zippers, plus a small front pouch for quick-access items like snacks or toiletries. It also has plenty of smaller pockets and organisation aids like pen loops and internal dividers. The right strap ends with a TurnNLock security hook that you can undo and use to secure the bag to a chair or table if you’re sitting in a café or restaurant, for example.

Despite its compact size, this anti theft backpack is a decent capacity bag that can hold up to a 15″ laptop without feeling too heavy when full. It’s also built using Pacsafe’s eXomesh slashguard fabric, with stainless steel wire mesh built into the most vulnerable parts of the pack to protect against cut-and-run thieves who may try to grab your gear by cutting its straps. The straps themselves are also slash-proof thanks to the slashguard technology, with Dyneema fabric running through them, and they can be secured to a chair or immovable object with the TurnNLock security clip.

Another great feature is the lockable zippers that prevent opportunistic pickpockets from getting into your bag and stealing its contents. There’s also a large RFID blocking pocket to keep your credit cards and ePassport safe from data swipers who can get into your bag without even touching it.

The best part about this backpack is that it’s not expensive, considering the amount of protection and add-ons packed in. Most other anti theft backpacks tend to be priced a lot higher but aren’t as comfortable or have as many security features, especially those that focus on keeping your electronic devices secure and dry.

When choosing an anti-theft backpack, be sure to take your time and consider which add-ons you need to keep your electronics and belongings safe. A good place to start is by deciding what kind of trip you’re going on and whether you need to bring a laptop or tablet with you. Once you’ve figured that out, you can find a backpack with the best anti-theft add-ons to match your travel needs.

PopNLock Security Clip

The Pacsafe X17 Backpack is an excellent option for travellers looking to have a bag that can help them to avoid the risk of theft. This is because this bag has plenty of different anti-theft features that are designed to protect the contents of the bag. This includes a pop-up camera pouch, a luggage pass-through, and even a PopNLock security clip that allows the bag to be locked onto an immoveable object. The bag also has plenty of other security features, including an assortment of zipper and velcro sealed organisational pockets that can be used to separate the items within the bag. There are even two water bottle pockets that can be used to store your drinks without having to remove them from the bag.

Another important feature to look for in an anti theft backpack is a lockable strap. This can prevent people from easily slashing the strap of the bag to get to your belongings. This is because the strap has a built-in lock that can be secured to something solid with just a few quick movements. It is not as secure as a dedicated lock, but it will still slow down any grubby thieves and hopefully deter them from trying to snatch the bag.

It is also worth checking that the backpack you are considering has a Roobar sport or PopNLock feature. This is because these are anti-theft locks that can be locked to a fixed point on the bag. This means that if a person tries to snatch the bag they will need to go through the whole process of unlocking the clip and disengaging it, which is a lot harder than just slashing a regular zip.

If you are looking for an anti theft backpack that will combine style and functionality, then look no further than the Pacsafe X SLNT Everyday Anti-Theft Faraday Sling. This is because this bag has a sleek silhouette that can be easily slipped over carry-on roller suitcases when you’re flying, and it has the latest security features to stop pickpocketers in their tracks. This is because it has a slash-resistant pocket for up to a 14-inch laptop, locking clasps, RFID blocking materials, and more.


When it comes to protecting your belongings on the go, there are plenty of security measures you can take. Some backpacks have locks built into the zippers to prevent them from opening and others have a strong, durable outer material that deters pickpockets from getting in. But, if you really want to protect your things, you should look for one with RFID-blocking technology.

This technology prevents thieves from using electronic scanners to steal your information from cards and passports inside the bag. It works by emitting an anti-radiofrequency field that blocks the signals from those scanning devices. While it isn’t a necessity, it does add an extra layer of protection.

Many people worry about being a victim of RFID-based theft, especially when traveling. It’s expensive to replace your cards, phone, and other electronics while you’re away, so it’s worth the additional expense for peace of mind. In addition to blocking the RFID signal, this Pacsafe bag has a few other security features to make it an excellent choice for an anti-theft backpack. It has a locking mechanism that allows you to connect the zippers together and hook them onto a clasp, as well as anchor straps to secure it to a fixture, and cut-resistant materials.

It also has a hidden pocket that is difficult to access from the outside, as well as lockable zippers and compartments. It has plenty of room for all your gear and fits a 15” laptop. It also has a dedicated tablet sleeve and luggage slides that allow you to slip the backpack over your suitcase handles.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on a high-tech anti-theft backpack to get the job done. For example, you can purchase a wallet with RFID-blocking technology, or even wrap your credit cards and passport in thick aluminum foil to block the signals from electronic scanners. But, if you want to take it up a notch, consider an anti-theft backpack that has the added benefits of slash-proof fabrics and hidden compartments. These features can make you less of a target for thieves, and they’ll make your trips more enjoyable.